smt lead free reflow oven

  • 6 zones lead free reflow soldering oven
  • 6 zones lead free reflow soldering oven
6 zones lead free reflow soldering oven6 zones lead free reflow soldering oven

6 zones lead free reflow soldering oven

  • item:lead free reflow oven
  • heating zones: up 6 bottom 6
  • warranty: 12 months
  • package: wooden box
  • Product description: reflow oven, lead free reflow oven, soldering oven, smd machine, smt machine

6 zones lead free reflow soldering oven

1.Heating part adopts good quality heating motor from Taiwan, make sure the whole system stability and reliability.

2.Combining with the temperature controller special PID fuzzy control function, change has been monitoring the outside temperature and heat value, the minimum pulse control heating device, fast response, to ensure the precise control of temperature, minimum error temperature distribution in the length direction of the temperature distribution in accordance with IPC standard.

3.It has the functions of temperature difference, fault diagnosis, acousto-optic alarm.

4.Independent microcirculation fan design, up and bottom heating, good thermal compensation, high thermal efficiency, energy saving, fast heating speed, suitable for soldering good quality with BGA and CSP components.The special structure of forced hot air circulation system,which make sure the PCB and components uniform heating, high efficiency, fast heating speed.Adopt Taiwan high temperature motor direct drive hot air circulation, good uniformity, smooth operation, long service life, low noise, small vibration

5.The transmission system adopts China joint venture motor, PID full closed loop speed regulation, and 1:150 imported turbine reducer. It runs smoothly and has adjustable speed range from 0 to 2000 mm / min.

6.Adopt independent wheel structure, topping support and stainless steel mesh belt, machine running stable, accurate speed can reach 1mm/min, especially for BGA/CSP and 0201 welding etc..

7.The protection function of the time delay switch machine is uniform and the temperature is lowered after shutdown, which effectively prevents deformation of components caused by uneven cooling.




heating zones

up 6/bottom 6

heating length


heating method

Up hot air+ bottom IR

cooling zones


pcb max size


transport direction


transport height


transport method


transportation speed


power supply

5 Line 3 Phase 380V 50/60Hz

Starting power


Normal working power


warming-up time

About 30 mins

range of temperature

Room tempt.300

Temperature control method


Temperature control precision


Temperature distribution deviation of PCB


Abnormal alarm

Abnormal tempt.





customer factory

Our reflow oven factory

Machine ready for shipping

Wooden package

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