smt chip mounter pick and place machine

  • DOB pick and place machine LK-D8
DOB pick and place machine LK-D8

DOB pick and place machine LK-D8

  • pcb size: 500*430mm
  • products range: DOB, DRIVER...
  • 8 heads mounter machine
  • Feeding: electric feeder
  • Product description: DOB pick and place machine LK-D8

DOB smt pick and place machine

8 heads placement machine model LK-D8, especially for DOB products, it is mainly to solve the problem of feeder cannot feeding component or support speed, finally improve mounting height and accuracy, production efficiency and yield, at the same time, machine support feeder and bowl feeder together, help customer save lots of based cost.

1.Inline Automatic production method, help customer to save labor cost.

2.R&D linear maglev motor: faster, higher and better.

3.New type of machinery system, place electrolytic capacitor, inductor and other materials are not easy to jam.

4.R&D software system, more easier to operate and learn.

5.You can use feeder and bowl feeder at the same time, M type capacitor, Horizontal capacitor, inductor etc. can be mounted.


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DOB pick and place machine

Usage range

DOB products, LED, LED driver, Small electrical circuit board, such as appliances, digital products, this one machine can solve well the base cost and speed problem.

型号 Model


最大电路板面积 pcb max size


Z轴最大移动范围 Z axis moving area


贴装元件高度 component height


最大贴片速度 max placement speed

15000 CPH

平均贴片速度 average placement speed

7000-15000 CPH

定位精度 position accuracy


吸嘴缓冲范围 nozzles buffer area


电源 power

220V/50 Hz

控制方式 control method

电脑 computer

压缩空气 air pressure

0.65-0.75 Mpa

平均功率 average power


喂料器 feeding

电动飞达+振动盘 electric feeder + bowl feeder

贴装头部驱动电机 mount head driving motor

直线(磁悬浮)电机 linear motor

贴装头 mount head

8头 8 heads

可装飞达数量 number of feeders

24 pcs

元件角度 component angle

任意角度 any angle

气源 air source

进口真空泵 vacuum pump

操作系统编程方式 OS program method


重量 weight




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