smt chip mounter pick and place machine

  • 8 heads automatic chip mounter machine
8 heads automatic chip mounter machine

8 heads automatic chip mounter machine

  • Dimension: 1150 x 1370 x 1500 mm
  • PCB SIZE: 300*250mm
  • min component : 0201
  • 30K CPH
  • Product description: 8 heads automatic chip mounter machine

Automatic SMT Pick & Place Machine

Technical Parameters



Number of Heads

Vision on the Fly


Placement Rate

Under the optimum condition




Feeder Capacity

Front and back

25+25 Tape Feeders

(8mm/12mm Electric Standard)

IC Tray Capacity

325 x 135mm


Component Alignment

Vision Detection

Component Size

Handled by Head Camera

Smallest: 0201 (inch)

Largest: 10 x 8 (mm)

Handled by Fixed Bottom Camera

Smallest: 1206 (inch)

Largest: 30 x 30 (mm)


X/Y Axis

Magnetic Levitation Linear Motor

Z Axis

Step-Servo Motor


0 to 360°

Placement Accuracy


X-Y Repeatability

Magnetic Grid


PCB Size


L 300 x W 250mm


L 50 x W 50mm


Vision Teach-in

Coordinates Import

Main Control Method

Industrial PC


AC 220V ±10% (50/60Hz, 1 phase)

Max. 3.0KW

Air Pressure

0.55-0.7MPa (5.6-7.1kgf/cm2)

External Dimension(mm)

L x W x H

1150 x 1370 x 1500 mm


Approximate 1500kgs

Product Features

1.Vision On the Fly Alignment

2.Bottom Vision Alignment System for big components/IC

3.Fiducial recognition and coordinate correction

4.Conveyor system with SMEMA interface and automatic-width-control

5.Magnetic levitation linear motor in X and Y axis for high repeatability and stability

6.Smart Nozzle System provides automatic nozzle checking and replacing

7.Perfect for medium & high-volume production

8.Strong and rigid mechanical design

9.Optimized pick / place routing design, ensures precision and speed

10.Each mounting head has its own Z - direction step-servo motor, which is designed for vertical motion

11.Works with different types of high-precision nozzle

12.For different PCB, FPC, MCPCB, PSB, etc.;

13.Suit for variety of SMD components: resistors, capacitors, IC, QFP, CFP, etc.

14.Using imported high precision ball screw, motor, solenoid valve, cable, etc., 15. Effectively improve the placement accuracy, stability.

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