Glue Dispenser machine

  • High Efficiency Automated Gluing Dispenser Machine for Lens
High Efficiency Automated Gluing Dispenser Machine for Lens

High Efficiency Automated Gluing Dispenser Machine for Lens

  • Outer Dimension:1380*1300*1480 mm
  • Weight:900kg
  • Max. Load:3kg
  • Max. Component Height:50mm
  • Product description: Automated Gluing Machine, Glue machine, glue dispenser, dispenser machine, glue dispenser machine

High Efficiency Automated Gluing Dispenser Machine for Lens

LK-900 fully automatic high-speed dispensing machine is adopting an industry computer with a motion control card and CCD visual system as its control mode. The industry computer is the main host of machine and the motion control card will control the servo motors' movement. The CCD visual system will provides an accurate positioning and automatic correction of the positioning error.


Model LK-900
Outer Dimension(L*W*H) 1380*1300*1480 mm
Weight 900KG
Control Mode PC+Motion Card
Software Windows+APM AD
Programming Teaching + CAD Drawing+Patch file
Driving Servo Motor + Ball Screw
Max. Speed 1000 mm/s
Max. Board Size(L*W) 900*500 mm
Max. Component Height 50 mm
Repeat Accuracy ±0.01 mm
Track Quantity 1
Track Driving Stepping driver+Stepping Motor
Max. Load Max 3Kg
Width Adjusting Mode Auto
Adjusting Speed 800 mm/min
Width Adjusting Range 80~500 mm
Working Height 920±20 mm
Transfer Speed 0~6 m/min
Transfer Direction L-R or R-L
PCB Edge space 5mm(option:3mm)
Communication Port SMEMA
Air Pressure 0.4~0.6 MPa
Laser Altimeter Optional
Micro Weight Control System Optional (accuracy 0.1mg)
UPS Optional
Barcode Scanning Optional
External Material Supply Optional
APM High-speed Injection Valve Optional
Auger Valve Optional
Tilt Angle of Auger Valve 0°/ 35°(Optional)
Rotation Angle of Auger Valve ±180°(Optional)
Power Supply 200~240VAC 50~60H
Total Power 2.8KW

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