Juki SMT chip mounter machine

  • Juki KE-3010 pick and place machine
Juki KE-3010 pick and place machine

Juki KE-3010 pick and place machine

  • weight: 1850KG
  • PCB size:650*250mm
  • min component: 0402
  • placement speed:23500cph
  • Product description: Juki pick and place machine, juki machine, chip mounter

Juki KE-3010 chip mounter/ chip shooter/ pick and place machine


1. High productivity

2. Ease-of-operation improved by automatic component measurement

3. Easy operation

4. Simultaneous on the fly component 2 centering for high-speed production

5. High resolution camera

6. Flexible vision teaching

7. Feeder position indicator

8. 160 component inputs

9. Auto teaching of pick position

10. Automatic correction of pick position.

11. High precision and quality placement with electronic feeders

12. Centering errors prevented by self check


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